Payment Rates

Every time an item is sold on the Marketplace has a percentage of the sale price going to the author. The amount is determined by whether the author is selling the item only on the  Marketplace and by how many sales they have had in the past.



Selling Exclusively special offer (Beta Sellers): 80%

As an Author on the Marketplace you are eligible to receive 80% of every sale should you choose to sell only items that are not sold elsewhere. Being an exclusive author simply means that any items you sell on the Marketplace are unique to our libraries.

You are entitled to sell other items elsewhere, but not the same ones. This helps keep the marketplaces healthy and unique, and ensures buyers aren’t just browsing through items they could get anywhere.

New authors begin at the 80% level percentage. That means more you earn as the Author rate will be the SAME when uploading your items now.


Selling Non-Exclusively special offer(Beta Sellers): 55%

If you are choosing to sell the same content as you are selling on another marketplace or on your own site then you fall into the non-exclusive group. Non-exclusive authors receive 55% of each sale they make on the Marketplace.