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I am glad that You visit this page. It must mean that You want to compose a crystal clear e-mail message. If that’s so, You definitely should use the Crystalit Newsletter template. It’s pure aesthetic, fully customizable and it, “wait for it…”, comes in five colors and eight layout versions each!
You can add your own photos and videos to enhance the experience of Your customers. Also, if You prefer, You can use the elements present in the template, because You get them all downloading the package.
Thanks to Crystalit Newsletter Your customers won’t be distracted. The template allows You to focus the attention of Your customers directly on the message: You want to note the advantages of your products? Use the tables included in newsletter to highlight them. Your offer is varied and You want to communicate it precisely? This template allows You to present various pricing options!

Main features:

  • All shapes in PSD are editable
  • In example: You can edit every part of The Timer, don’t hesitate to make Your own countdown.
  • You can also edit products packshot and add your own logo
  • And the last but not least – all You can see is all you get, even the icons!

The package is delivered with:

  • 40 HTML ready to use e-mail templates
  • Fully customizable modular structure
  • 5 color schemes
  • 8 layout variants
  • 5 PSD files – you can create even new colors!
  • Full, easy to follow documentation that helps you to fully customize your own, unique newsletter
  • Tested in all popular mail clients

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